CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera: (Drain Sewer Industrial & Residential Pipe Inspection)

CCTV Inspection & Reporting

CCTV pipe inspection cameras are used to video record whilst inspecting the pipeline in question. This is mostly done for reporting purposes. One cannot identify problems within a drain line or sewer line on the surface.  It is only by making use of these CCTV cameras, that we are able to identify the problem areas without damaging the pipe. The CCTV drain pipe inspection camera is inserted through man holes and  inspection eyes (I.E’s). In the event that there is no access point a point will have to be created for access.

There are 2 types of cctv cameras that Boss Electricians and Plumbers use.

      1. Push CCTV Cameras

  • This camera is manually pushed into the pipe. This camera head is flexible and can visually inspect the internal condition of the pipe.
  • This type of CCTV pipe inspection camera is suitable for pipe diameters between 40mm and 300mm.

       2. Crawler Cameras

  • The crawler camera is a camera that is remotely driven by the operator.
  • It goes down the pipelines and is able to tilt, pan and rotate.
  • This allows us to see the entire circumference of the pipe
    Crawler CCTV pipe inspection cameras are normally only used for pipes from 150mm to 1000mm

Boss Electricians & Plumber (CCTV technology), offers the following:

  • Pan and tilt camera inspection
  • Pipeline inspections for residential and commercial
  • Sewers and outfall inspections
  • Dimensional measurement for pipes and sewer lines
  • Storm water and tunnel inspections
  • Borehole inspections
  • Water mains inspections for residential and commercial
  • Hazardous lines (explosive) inspections
  • Mine shaft inspections
  • Turbine and steam lines at power stations
  • Retrieval of foreign objects
  • The causes of sinkholes
  • House connection inspections

Areas seviced: Pretoria East, Pretoria North East, Pretoria West, Pretoria Central Western and Centurion.