What is a Plumbing COC 

A legal document of compliance that is awarded to a property owner, municipality or local authority or an insurance company by the PIRB (Plumbing industry Registration).  A licensed Plumber will self-certify their work by issuing you with a Plumbing COC. All Municipalities requests COC (Certificates of Compliances) to be issued when a property is being sold. Electrical, Bore hole and Wood Borer certificates are also requested in the event of a sale.The COC (Certificate of Compliance) Requirements for the sale to go through is as follows:

The Licenced Plumber must check:

  • SANS 10252 and SANS 10254 – Hot water cylinder installations
  • SANS 10252 – The Roof Space
  1. Is the water pipes property saddles in the Roof Space?
  2. Is the private isolation valve (subsection) 23-2-a or b in place and functioning?
  3. Are the terminal water leaks correctly fixed in position and not leaking?
  4. Is there any storm water going into the sewerage system?
  5. Is the water meter recording the flow when water is open?
  6. Does the water meter stop registering when the flow of water is stop?
  7. Is there no cross connections between potable supply and any of the alternate supply?

These are the only points that a COC (Certificate of Compliance) will document and these are the only points that the Plumber will look at. Any additional fault finding and Problem solving enquiries does not form part of the COC (Certificate of Compliance).

Two types of COC’S (Certificate of Compliance) 

  1. Independently audited
  2. Gets registered on PIRB servers
  3. The PIRB sorts out the compliance with the Plumber and makes sure everything is above board.

On The PIRB certificate there are numerous installations mentioned and the categories checked by the plumber is documented.

  1. Hot water Systems – Replacement and or repair?
  2. Cold water Systems – Replacement and or repair/
  3. Sanitary- ware and sanitary fittings – Replacement and or repair?
  4. Solar water heating systems- Replacement and or repair?
  5. Below –ground drainage systems – Replacement and or repair?
  6. Above –ground drainage systems – Replacement and or repair?
  7. Rain water disposal systems – Replacement and or repair?
  8. Heat Pumps – Replacement and or repair? 
  • Local Certificate

The local certificate is still a requirement in specific local authorities.  This is a local government requirement so it’s compulsory unlike the PIRB certificate.

By doing a COC (Certificate of Compliance), the Plumber is aware that the standards are very specific. Should there be any NON Compliance, the Plumber must write to the owner of the property. The Plumber must also include the checklist and the repairs that needs to be done in order for the plumbing works to become compliant.

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