Drain Plumbers

Drain Plumbers usespecialized equipment to remove blockages from drainage systems of residential and commercial properties.  Drain Plumbers normally unblock, install, maintain or repair a drainage system.Drain Plumbers understands that a drain is a pipe that takes  effluent (including toilet, washing machine and sink waste) from your premises to the public sewer This is normally done through a private sewerage line first and then to the public sewerage line.

  • A private sewer is the drain that connects a property to other drains
  • A public sewer is generally considered to begin where two or more drains from separate premises meet.
  • Drain Plumbers will normally, in conjunction with the municipality, connect your drain line to a point that is connected to a public sewerage line. These public sewerage lines are the responsibility of water companies

Blocked Drains

Drain Plumbers will normally be called to unblock a drain clog or a clear the blockage clearing a blocked drain, can often be achieved by simply rodding the system with a series of drain rods.

Drain plumbs will use many different types of methods to clear blockages besides the Drain Rods.

  • Water jets that can be used by Drain Plumbers to clear a blocked drain.
  • Drain snake is used by drain plumbers when neither cleaning the trap nor plunging clears a plumbing clog, This tool, a coiled spiral snake that’s usually about 1/4-inch thick with a handle on one end, works the opposite way that a plunger does. Drain Snakes are especially handy because they’re long enough to reach clogs that are deep within a drainpipe.
  • Drain Plunger are used to unblock a drain when the blockage is not heavy.
  1. Sink Plunger
  2. Toilet Plunger
  3. Accordion Plunger
  4. Taze Plunger
  • Roto rooter Drain Machine/ Root cutter is used by Drain Plumbers when there are too many roots in a drain. In all cases the roots prevent the effluent from flowing through or the effluent flows through slowly. When there is evidence of roots it’s normally advised by any Drain Plumber to replace the section of the drain especially if it is cast iron pipes.
  • Cctv drain Pipe inspection: Nobody can see inside of a drain pipe. We can only speculate that there are problems in the drain pipe if there is roots and the drain blocks more often than most .Drain Plumbers use this in the event that they need clarity in seeing where the blockages are in the drain pipes. Sometimes reporting is also required.

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