Water Leak Detection Materials used

Boss Electrical and Plumbers (Leak Detection) uses a variety of different materials for residential and industrial/commercial water leak detection.


Argon, Helium, or Hydrogen can all be used for detecting leaks. But out of these three, Helium is the most preferred and most reliable due to these reasons:​

  • It has shown to have the highest sensitivity to leaks.
  • With its rare presence in the atmosphere, Helium has also shown to produce little to no noise interference when detecting leaks.
  • Helium is inert. – It is non-toxic and non-explosive.
  • Its small and light molecule flows through small leaks.
  • Helium is used as a tracer, and doesn’t desensitize or contaminate its detector. 

Infrared Detectors

​An infrared detector reacts to radiation caused by infrared (IR). There are specialists who prefer these or a JD7 bullet for finding leaks.

Types of Detectors​ 

There are two types of detectors:

  1. thermal and
  2. Photo detectors.

​Photo detectors or photo voltaic detectors have a p-n junction where photoelectric currents show while searching for leaks. They have a high response and sensitivity time, but they are also dependent on thermal noise cooling down. Infrared (IR) Radiation has thermal effects that can be affected by temperature and changes in resistance (i.e. bolometers). Ultimately, Infrared can detect anything with an unknown body temperature.

Boss Electrical and Plumbers (Leak Detection), prefers the Helium method above all because of the accuracy without destruction in most cases. Areas serviced:  Pretoria East, Pretoria North East, Pretoria West, Pretoria Central Western and Centurion.