We often wonder and get misguided ideas of what a Plumber should or should not do. What should a Plumber charge for and what a Plumber shouldn’t charge for? Plumbers/Plumbing is the most mistaken career choice in general but the most rewarding one to choose. 

What is a Plumber and what does a Plumber do?

A plumber generally across the board deals with fixtures relating to but is not limited to:

  • Installation and repairing of water pipes as well as gas.
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures/sanitary like toilets, appliances, sinks, baths, drainage, geysers, irrigation systems, sewerage solutions like French drains and septic tanks as well pit toilets, grease traps.
  • Plumbing/Plumber specialized services includes: leak detection, pipe utility, cctv pipe inspection cameras, roto rooter services.
  • Supplies quotations and recommendations.
  • Use hand or power tools.

There are different types of Plumbers:

  • Sanitary Plumbers
  • Drain Plumbers
  • Commercial & Residential Plumbers

Most People like to categorize this as follows:

  • Commercial Plumbers
  • Residential Plumbers
  • Service and Repair Plumbers/Maintenance

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