Residential Electricians

As one of Gauteng’s leading residential electrician companies, Boss Electrical & Plumbing offers both residential and commercial services. From faulty wiring and circuits to generators, smoke detectors and surge protection, ceiling fans and everything in between, Boss Residential Electricians can do it all.

Boss Residential Electrician Services has the expertise and the knowledge to assist you with your electrical problems.

Why Choose Boss Residential Electricians:

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Many people attempt to do electrical projects themselves or with help from a local handyman. While DIY projects may initially save your money in the long run it can actually cost more. Unless you are doing something simple like switching light bulbs or plugging in a surge protector for the safety of your electronics, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional, licensed electrician.

Our Residential Electrical Services

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Circuit & Wiring
  • Residential Generators
  • Residential Lighting
  • Main Electrical Panel
  • Residential Smoke Detectors
  • Sub Panel
  • Surge Protection
  • Code Compliance (COC’s)
  • Diagnose and Repair

Electrical problems can leave many people sitting around trying to figure out what the issue is. You can save money, time and aggravation by hiring a reliable electrician. Boss Residential Electricians can quickly diagnose your electrical problem. Then, we can perform the correct repair so that your electrical system is fixed properly the first time. This will allow you to get back on track.

  • ​Install and Upgrade

​With advances in technology, your electrical system may be your home’s weakest link. Without the proper electrical system, you may not be able to have access to all of the new technology. Updating an aging electrical system can make your home user-friendly.

  • Electrical Improvements​

Boss Residential Electricians can install electrical equipment in your home, from lighting to ceiling fans, and circuit breaker upgrades to new electrical panels. We can even install an electric vehicle charging station. Our professionals can show you a number of electrical improvements and the benefits they offer in terms of energy savingsimproved home valuereduced energy costs, security, safety, and modernizing your home.​

  • Home Electrical Security and Safety​ 

Our professional home/residential electricians have the experience and knowledge to be able to identify hidden wiring issues, which can help reduce the risk of fire and electrocution. The professionals at Boss Residential Electricians want to ensure your home is safe and secure. Schedule a free electrical safety inspection, so that you can ensure you, your family, and your home are not at risk.​

  • Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting​

Your home’s lighting might be outdated. If it is, you may be burning more energy than necessary. There are a wide array of energy-efficient, convenient and affordable outdoor lighting solutions on the market. We can help you customize a solution to provide for your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting needs.​

  • Home Energy Saving​

​Saving energy does not just help the environment, it can also protect your wallet. Boss Electricians can help you improve your home’s energy use. By conserving energy with lighting upgrades, and Energy Star appliance upgrades or solar solutions, you can save big.

  • Electrical System Maintenance​

​Your residential electrical system needs proper maintenance, just like any other part of your home. Proper maintenance can help prevent unexpected repairs, electrical damage to electronics or injury to a family member or pet. This can also help reduce the risk of fire caused by electrical problems. We can help you determine the best maintenance schedule to keep your electrical system in top shape.

The Boss Electrical Difference​

  • Safety: By hiring a licensed electrician you are ensuring your family is not put in danger by shoddy electrical work. Often electrical issues are caused by structural and age-related issues. An experienced licensed electrician is the only person who can step into a situation with authority, inspect the problem and solve the issue safely.​
  • Accountability: A licensed electrician is required to follow certain regulations in order to work on your project. They must present permits when required and their work may be subject to inspection. These steps are needed for your protection.​
  • Guaranteed Results: A licensed electrician will perform the work correctly the first time. When you hire a Boss Residential Electrician they will deliver quality workmanship.​

The electrician can also provide:​

  • Comprehensive residential electrical services.
  • Solutions for electrical tasks, even when they seem challenging.
  • Information and resources to make ensure you are able to make an informed decision about each electrical job that may affect your home and family.
  • The licensed residential electricians at Boss Electrical are ready to tackle your home’s toughest electrical projects. Contact Boss Electrical today.​

Areas serviced: Pretoria East, Pretoria North East, Pretoria West, Pretoria Central Western and Centurion.