Residential Leak Detection 

Boss Electrical & Plumbers (Leak Detection) offers both residential and commercial leak detection services. Whether it is your water pipe, irrigation system, sewer system, geyser or drain that is leaking, Boss Electrical & Plumbers will be able to find it with our advanced leak detection methods. Boss Electrical & Plumbing (Leak Detection) has the expertise and the know how to assist you in finding and fixing any leak, whether commercial or residential. Our leak detection equipment will make short work of any leak.​

What You Should Know About Water Leak Detection

A leak is basically a hole in a water pipe line, sewer system, drain, irrigations system, or geyser. It is usually caused by corrosion or faulty plumbing works. These are hardly visible to the eyes, so a detection process is required.

Some examples of leak detecting tools are

  • console detectors,
  • turnkey detectors,
  • portable detectors, and
  • ultrasonic or acoustic leak detectors.

There are experts who like to use ultrasonic water leak detectors. Unlike other tools, these do not detect the LEL or ppm levels. Instead, they go by the ultrasound produced by the escaping gas from pipeline or waterline leaks. These are usually in the form of high velocity jets of gas or fluids. Using the ultrasonic detection method is also dependent on the pressure of the waves when the leak occurs.

Specialists can detect and analyze the negative pressure waves that are moving back and forth within the pipeline. It has been proven that ultrasound is proportional to the leak’s mass flow rate (rate at which the leak flows). Simply put, more ultrasound means a larger leak. Using the ultrasonic water leak detector is a recommended option for searching for residential water leaks outdoors. It is unaffected by wind and dilution. It can detect leaks at a rate of 0.1kg/s at a distance of not more than 20 meters away from the source of the leak. Leaks can affect a pipeline’s hydraulics which can then lead to changes in pressure or flow readings. Try to monitor the pressure or flow of a specific spot. This should be a good way to detect a residential water leak. Learning this simple step can help you especially when in steady state conditions.

Residential Water Leak Detection

With more than 25 years of experience, Boss Electrical & Plumbers (Leak Detection) Plumbers provides quality water leak detection for residential properties. You can expect nothing less than leading industry standards from our team of expert plumbers and leak detectors.

Water Leak Detection Service that’s value for your money

​Along with our competent team of professionals, our great customer service has continued to help Boss Electrical & Plumbing (Leak Detection), stay in the lead in the Gauteng area. We want you to get quality service that starts from the moment you contact us. Our administrative staff carefully assesses your concerns, and ensures that the correct team for your plumbing (Leak Detection) needs is sent to your residential property.

From water leak detection to plumbing needs and emergencies, you can count on us to deliver efficiently and effectively. Contact Boss Electrical & Plumbing (Leak Detection) to learn more of what we can offer, and how we can provide you with our cutting edge services.​

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