Slab Leak

Finding slab leaks shouldn’t be as simple as breaking slabs or pool decks. This is especially unacceptable when the damage is not confirmed. Slab Leak Detection should be done through a careful process and should be performed by professionals in the field.

The process requires modern technology. Electronic amplification equipment, electromagnetic pipeline locators and slab leak listening devices can be used to ensure that there’s minimal destruction to property. There’s no need to break every single slab just to locate the damage to your commercial or residential property.There have been cases when only one tile was needed to be repaired or replaced. Our team of highly trained experts can pinpoint the location of slab leaks using our own slab leak detection equipment. can help you save time and money, while ensuring your property doesn’t receive unnecessary damage.​

Signs that you might have a Slab Leak​ 

  • Hot spots on the floor can be from a hot water line leak
  • Wall and Floor cracks
  • Higher water bills – This could be from water leaks behind walls or in pools, but this could also be a sign of slab leaks
  • Excessive moisture or mildew under carpets
  • Hearing running water when all water is off
  • Amount of water you are losing – A meter test can be done to check if there are leaks in your plumbing system.

Slab Leak Repair Options 

​We are guided by the principle of “Detection without Destruction”. Our technicians will look at the options for repair, and will go for the least destructive one that can be done once the slab leak has been located.

Here are some of the options we usually propose to clients:

  • Repipe / Reroute– This is the most effective method for old plumbing systems that have already gone through a lot of leaking. This requires an entire line to be replaced.
  • Epoxy Pipe Coating– Most likely to be the best option for plumbing systems that has a history of small leaks that make it inconvenient to repair. This method involves applying an in-place pepe coating through the inside of the plumbing.
  • Spot Repair– Recommended for newly constructed systems. A slab will be opened up to fix the leaks.

Areas serviced:  Pretoria East, Pretoria North East, Pretoria West, Pretoria Central Western and Centurion.